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Hairplasis is an aesthetics center located in Dubai that specializes in hair restoration procedures and other hair loss treatments. At Hairplasis, we are driven to provide complete hair care to our clients through innovative procedures that are in line with the international standards in hair restoration.

‘Plasis’ comes from a Greek word which can be translated as “creation” or “formation”, reflecting our vision to create the look you always desired by restoring your hair.

At Hairplasis, we believe that the most needed advancement in hair transplants is artistry, something we pride ourselves in.

Achieving the most natural-looking results in hair restoration procedures is not just a matter of applying the latest surgical hair transplant techniques, it also requires intuitive understanding of aesthetics. This can only be possible through an artistic approach in the hair transplant procedure by combining the best of both art and science.

The experts team of Hairplasis involves Artificial Intelligence to conduct astute analyses of our clients’ hair loss condition and plan a customized hair transplant strategy.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we made it possible to assess the quality of the donor area during the initial hair assessment to foresee the results of the hair transplant procedure. The assessment for every client is done taking into consideration their facial dimensions, hair type, ethnicity, and other important aspects. Based on the assessment outcome, our experts plan a strategy that responds to each client’s individual issue.


We believe that a hair transplant treatment is only successful when the client walks away confident and satisfied by the natural-looking results from the procedure

We are committed to provide exceptional care to our clients at every stage of the hair restoration journey by understanding their unique needs and customizing a bespoke personal service

Our surgeons possess a strong aesthetic sense along with technical and medical expertise which fortifies our vision to achieve natural-looking and aesthetically sound results for our clients

We deliver results in a most predictable manner by utilizing our one-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence to carry out a thorough analysis of every individual hair loss condition and plan a unique hair restoration strategy



At Hairplasis, a lot of emphases is given to the artistic skills and the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to complement the best hair transplantation techniques that we use. This means art and science go hand in hand.

We involve artificial intelligence to assess client’s hair loss condition and plan a customized hair transplant strategy for each client.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in hair transplant process allows us to guide our patients about the results they can expect and choose the best implantation techniques based on their hair condition, facial dimensions, hair type, ethnicity, and other important aspects.

One of the most important factors that defines the outcome of the procedure is the quality of the donor hair area. As a regular practice, this can only be determined when the procedure has already started and it is too late for expectations setting.

With our Artificial Intelligence system, it is possible to assess the quality of the donor area during your initial assessment with surgeon at Hairplasis.

This means both, the patient and the doctor can really be sure what kind of results to expect after undergoing a hair transplant procedure


Personalized Service

We want every client that steps inside our clinic to feel comfortable and have a personalized experience from the very first moment of their hair restoration journey

Artistry in Hair Design

An intuitive understanding of aesthetics, attention to detail, and artistry are critical aspects of hair restoration. And it is something we at Hairplasis pay the highest degree of attention to

Our Goal is Your Satisfaction

Our highly experienced surgeons and dedicated customer service team make sure every client achieves the expected results

Transparent Pricing

Involvement of artificial intelligence helps us keep high accuracy level in tracking the number of hairs grafts, based on which the pricing for the procedure is decided. So, our prices are transparent to our clients, always!

Professional Team

All the doctors at Hairplasis are chosen based on strict qualifications in order to bring onboard only the best to our team to ensure that every client walks away satisfied with the results of the treatment.

Experts in Aesthetic Tourism

With one of the highest healthcare standards in the world, Dubai is an attractive destination for undergoing a hair transplant. Our team will assist you to plan your trip to Dubai for a hair transplant procedure in a hassle-free way.

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