Eyebrows Hair Transplant

Get fuller, more voluminous, and lush eyebrows for a natural and defined look

Fuller and wider eyebrows are generally associated with younger age, as with time the eyebrow density tends to reduce. The latest brow trends are also towards fuller and wider eyebrows. While temporary solutions include a wide range of makeup products, microblading, lamination, temporary tattoos, etc., eyebrow hair transplant presents a permanent solution to thin, uneven, patchy, or damaged eyebrows.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and typically takes between 2-4 hours. Eyebrow transplant involves a technique similar to other hair transplants, wherein Follicular Units are extracted from the donor area at the back of the client’s head and repositioned to the eyebrow area. The hair taken from the back of the scalp is permanent, they are naturally prone to resist hair loss. When integrated within the eyebrows area, these hair follicles retain their quality, which means they will grow new have permanently.

The aesthetic sense of the doctor performing the procedure plays an important role in a successful eyebrow transplant procedure, as achieving the perfect shape with correct hair angulation is imperative for natural and undetectable results.

The use of the latest instruments is also a crucial factor in FUE eyebrows transplantation as the procedure requires a specialist to harvest very fine follicles from the donor area, that will seamlessly integrate with existing eyebrow hair. 

Eyebrow hair transplant FAQs:

  • Men and women who are not satisfied with the natural density of eyebrows;
  • Those who want to correct or change the shape of their eyebrows
  • People with eyebrows damaged due to trauma, burns, medical treatments, or over plucking
  • Those who lost the density of eyebrows due to aging.

Yes, the result is permanent. Unlike alternative eyebrow correction treatments, eyebrow transplant gives a client new natural, and growing hair.

Although eyebrow hair transplant is a few-hour procedure, it will require a couple of months for new hair to grow. Usually, the new eyebrow hair that is taken from the scalp of the client will require periodic trimming to maintain the correct length, however, with time these hairs will adapt to the new position and acquire the same behavior as eyebrow hair strands. 

The cost of the procedure depends on multiple factors, such as the degree of thinning/damage that needs to be fixed, whether the procedure is to be performed on one or both eyebrows, etc.


At Hairplasis, our treatment starts with a highly individualistic prognosis for the client depending on their history and the required test results


At Hairplasis, the treatment is kept transparent through and through so that the client is on the same page as our experts and takes active part in the consultation to understand both the problem as well as the details of the required treatment.


Our team is equipped to carry out the eyebrows transplantation procedure to yield the most natural looking results, painlessly and without any hassle. So, if you are seeking hair loss clinic in Dubai that follows the highest international standards, you won’t have to go further than Hairplasis.


Our team of doctors and aestheticians are formed by doctors specializing in hair restoration procedures, with accumulated decades of experience in the field of eyebrows transplant and hair aesthetics. We pride ourselves in being artists when it comes to eyebrows transplantation

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