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Get the most accurate hair assessment results in minutes from our labs in Europe.

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Get unbelievable results that transform your entire personality without any painful procedures.

One-Time Hair Solution

Save thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money by opting for an AI-empowered permanent procedure.

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With the latest AI technology, expect nothing but the best hair treatments customized to your hair loss stage.

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The HairPlasis Guarantee. . .

HairPlasis is the ONLY hair clinic in Dubai where science meets art. We hand-pick unique hair solutions for you so that you get attractive, natural-looking hair.

At HairPlasis, we are as passionate about hair as you are. So, be assured of getting only the best and secure hair restoration procedures with absolute transparency from the get-go.

Our AI-powered hair assessment results come straight from our European labs. These labs have spearheaded hair and scalp analysis in the world. Computerized image analysis of your hair condition is thus just a few minutes away with us!

Every AI device used for hair assessment is made in Germany and has the CE mark, manufactured according to RoHS directives and entirely uses clean energy for its operations.

Hair restoration has never been this simplified and reliable before!

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We have the latest hair treatment solutions to overcome the most complex hair issues.

FUE Hair Transplant
Crown Hair Transplant
Hairline Redesigning
Male Hair Loss
Female Hair Loss
Hair Loss Treatments
Why choose HairPlasis?

Opt for a hair restoration solution that brings artistry to science.

Powered by AI

Get a thorough analysis of your hair condition with our AI technology. With AI at work, our doctors devise the most accurate hair treatment solutions that work the best for you.

Unmatched artistry in every hair treatment

We believe when science meets aesthetics, the results are game-changing. At HairPlasis, you will get a tailored hair solution that is sustainable and makes you look like a star.

Globally renowned surgeons who are celebrated teachers

Our surgeons are industry leaders, with 20+ years’ experience, who are ISHRS certified and specialize in bringing the latest technology in hair treatment solutions. So, at our clinic, you will be treated by none other than legends!

We understand the joy of healthy hair

With a passion to redefine hair treatment solutions, we solve complex hair problems by incorporating the latest technology in our procedures. At this best hair clinic in Dubai, you will get personalized solutions that cater to all your unique needs.

We let AI do the talking and the hair assessments.

The role of AI in hair treatments

Artificial Intelligence produces the most detailed hair assessments and outcome predictions. At HairPlasis, we have made this trustworthy technology our go-to tool for initial hair condition analysis so that both the doctors and the clients know the kind of procedure they will go through.

AI has been crucial in helping us guide our clients to opt for the best implantation techniques based on their hair condition, facial dimensions, and hair type. So, courtesy of AI, we provide the best-suited hair transplant strategies to our clients.

The days of complicated and painful hair transplantations are long gone.

Our hair treatments procedures are hassle-free and simple to follow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process of transplanting hair involves removing hair from the back of the scalp, which is called the donor site, to the recipient site, which is the balding area of the scalp.

The transplanted hair behaves in a similar way as the hair from where it was taken and it maintains its colour, texture, growth rate and curl after transplantation and regrowth.

This means that if the process is carried out correctly with precision, the results will last a lifetime or at least well into old age.

Hair transplantation procedures do not need admission. It is a fairly simple process and the person can go home right after the treatment is completed.

The only discomfort that might be experienced is when the anesthetic is injected into the scalp.

After this, you will not experience any pain or discomfort. Even for anesthetic, we do our best to minimise the sensation.

During the second half of the treatment, you can watch a movie, listen to music, or the radio or even take a nap.

Carefully and artistically performed hair restoration procedure is undetectable and looks completely natural, so much so that it is even impossible for your hairdresser to detect it.

While it depends from case to case and on the kind of treatment as well, a hair transplant procedure sitting can last from four to eight hours.

This will be determined by the treatment required for your concern, and understanding of your hair restoration goals.

You will be seated comfortably in our inviting hair clinic in Dubai and our staff will ensure you are comfortable throughout the process.

Why miss out on lustrous, beautiful hair?

Get a tailored and hassle-free hair transplantation procedure with the guarantee of 1-year post-procedure care. The post-procedure care includes:

Periodic Progressive Reviews
Hair Cut/ Hair Styling Sessions
Complimentary Checkups
Complete Hair Care and Guidance

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